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Media Training

Barbara Glickstein has trained hundreds of nurses to be their most effective and impactful selves. She has trained national leaders in healthcare on how to be a media maker across media platforms to shape public debate to advance the health of the public and public policy. She likes to make audiences laugh and think. She’ll make you media ready.


Workshops are offered as full day-long experiences designed to explore participants' feelings about interacting with journalists and building their confidence in their ability to deliver clear messages on topics related to their individual expertise. The media training workshop focuses on crafting and delivering key messages about health and health policy to journalists, key thought leaders, and the public.


Individual and group exercises are used to identify key messages related to an issue of interest. Mock radio interviews and press conferences provide opportunities for practicing effective strategies for delivering the messages. In the full-day workshop participants learn how to proactively share their expertise via social media, letters to editors and op eds. The media training workshop provides an immediate return on investment by giving participants skills and tools they can use instantly.

Art by MK Czerwiec, the Comic Nurse
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