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Amplify Nursing
Penn Nursing

Barbara talks with us about how her early exposure to news, policy, and activism shaped her career interests, the power of storytelling, incorporating personal interests into nursing care, her work with Project Kesher, and how nurses can make their voices heard.

The Nursepreneur Podcast 

Getting Nurses in Media

Barbara is the type of nurse who is comfortable pioneering new forefronts in nursing.  She decided to create a documentary on nursing in the 1980s, which spurred her love of media, broadcasting and radio. She is a fierce advocate of nurses and allowing them to shine in the media.  As Barbara says, the stories of nurses move us forward and elevate the profession.  Journalists who use nurses as sources say their news pieces are better, more interesting and more comprehensive.

See You Now
Why See You Now?

Health systems across the world are strained by ever increasing demands and in need of innovation from all corners, and nurses are discovering and driving solutions to these complex challenges. Despite this, nurses’ potential to improve health outcomes and lead system change is often underestimated and underutilized. Host Shawna Butler, nurse economist and tech enthusiast, talks to historians, researchers, journalists and executives to uncover the true power of what nurses can do.

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